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Covering Abandoned Branches of the Boston and Maine Railroad in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Mass.

June 1990 view of turntable, courtesy Buddy Winiarz.

Many thanks to Buddy Winiarz, current president of the Boston and Maine Historical Society for the use these fine pictures from his personal collection.
 These were taken on June 11 of 1990.

Photo Courtesy Buddy Winiarz.  June 11, 1990

Click here for a picture gallery of this turntable. All images in the gallery are clickable to view in high (1024*768) resolution.

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Travel Log
 The Worcester, Nashua, and Portland Division Main Page

In addition to the WN&P, I have covered the following lines..

Eastern Route
The Salem and Lowell RR
Manchester and Lawrence Branch
Framingham and Lowell
Portsmouth Branch
Newburyport Branch
Western Route
Amesbury Branch
 Georgetown Branch
Merrimac Branch
South Reading Branch
Essex Railroad
Portsmouth and Dover


The American Freedom Train in Plaistow and Lawrence 4/75

Short Quicktime Movies of Trains

Waters River Trestle

Street Railways

Model Railroad Layouts

Danvers State Insane Asylum
The Asylum Behind the Asylum Station on the Essex Railroad

Bedford Mass and the former Monson #3

Benson's Animal Farm Gallery 1 (2003)

Another Look at Bedford MA a Year Later Summer 2003

Ayer Mass and the former Fort Devens

Billerica Shops (Early 2003)

East Kingston Station - Quick Picture Tour

Chart/Process Engineering Plaistow NH

Interesting Booklet on Edaville Railroad from the 70's

 Very interesting article about a head on collision between two trains on the WN&P in Hampstead NH
High Resolution Version of same article

1920 ALA Maps
These ALA maps are very detailed and show all of the rail lines as well. A very useful resource for research.

Industrial Archaeology
8-15-03 Amesbury MA
Reichold Chemical Ballardvale MA

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Thanks for stopping by. My interest is abandoned railroad lines. This page is an ongoing project to document what is still around. I have been updating the page almost every day, sometimes every other day.

Unfortunately old railroad right of ways, abutments, stations, freight houses, and other remains of railroads of the past, have been disappearing. I hope to document as much of what's left as is possible.

My favorite line has been the Worcester, Nashua, and Portland, in particular the 57 or so miles of it that ran through New Hampshire. I will be doing other lines as I get time.

What you'll find on this page is a collection of pictures that I have taken, text, as well as maps that show where I've been and what I've found. There's about 700MB or so online and it's still growing.

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The Lowell and Lawrence - Tewksbury Ma - 11-20-05

Nice shot of a small bridge carrying the Essex RR over the Crane River in Danversport MA.

The Waters River Trestle carrying the former Essex RR over the Crane River between Danvers and Peabody MA.
Click here for a nice picture gallery of this trestle including closeups from the Peabody end.