The Eastern RR in Seabrook

The above maps show the Eastern RR in Seabrook. A current map and an early 1900's topo. Note that the line, at the time of this topo, was double tracked.
Also note that the crossing on Railroad Ave was an underpass. There used to be a bridge carrying the road over the railroad. The railroad crossed at the same level as the road so a grade crossing would have been the natural choice but apparently there were enough trains that a bridge was required.

The Eastern crossed into Seabrook from Salisbury underneath route 286 right on the state line. See the above maps.

The next crossing is Walton Road. The line crosses the road on a bridge as you can see from the two pictures above.
These pictures were taken 5-4-03.
I have heard that this bridge may come out.

The next point of interest is the line both north and south of Railroad Ave.

The last point of interest is where the line crosses the access roads for the power station. I'm not even going to think about getting in there for any pictures so I have borrowed some pictures courtesy of Kenyon F. Karl. These pictures were taken on 4/29/01. They are quite good.

Looking south across Brooks road, which is the main access road for the power plant.
Photo Courtesy of Kenyon F. Karl

Looking north across Brooks Rd.
Photo Courtesy of Kenyon F. Karl

Looking south across North Gate Rd, another access road for the plant, this is where the three track yard was.
Photo Courtesy of Kenyon F. Karl

Looking north through the north through the north entrance point. The embankment in the distance would be Brimmer Road in Hampton Falls. That looks like a milepost to the left of the tracks.

Photo Courtesy of Kenyon F. Karl

I thought this topo was interesting. Note the three track yard on the left side of Rocks Rd and the spur and wye on the right side.

Thanks to Kenyon F. Karl  for the use of his pictures, they have made my page on Seabrook much more complete.

Mr. Karl has put together a fine page on the Eastern Railroad in NH. You can find it here.

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I have put all of the Seabrook pictures online in a picture gallery.