Seabrook Station
(railroad, not power)

Seabrook Station
Courtesy Gary Lapoint - - RR Stations in NH and Mass

Current map of Seabrook, note Railroad Ave.

Looking south across Railroad Ave. The line used to cross underneath RR Ave. There used to be a bridge that carried the road over the tracks.
These pictures were taken in the late spring of 2002.

Looking north. The tracks are hidden on the left.

Little bit of iron.

Iron and station platform.

Ties for the passing track.

This section has been out of service for long time. South bound iron is still in place. North bound was removed.

Here we are getting up to the point where the station siding begin. Note the ties getting shorter as you get closer to where the switch was.

Former end of track. Most likely this was the end of track in the days that the line was still used to bring equipment during the building of the Seabrook power station. We are within a mile of the plant at this location.

Old block signal base.

Signal north of the switch for the station siding.

Battery box almost destroyed as well.

Can't go much further. Beyond these trees is a fence keeping you from going onto power plant property.

Turned around and heading back.

What is that?

Siding for the station begins.

No idea what that is either. Anyone know?


Back at the station platform.

Heading across Railroad Ave and seeing what's on the other side.

Signal on the south end of the station siding. In much better shape than it's counterpart. Battery box on the left.

Makeshift gradecrossing. This road goes into the plaza with Shaws and other stores.


Here we are back where we started.

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