The South Reading Branch in Peabody
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This current map shows the South Reading branch in Peabody. It's still used as an industrial spur. The South Reading branch is the line that goes from east to west from the center of Peabody. The line going north/south from the center of Peabody is the Essex RR that goes to Lawrence via Danvers, Middleton, and North Andover. The middle line, that is grayed out is the former Salem and Lowell.

The following pictures were taken on 5/18/02, the day it snowed.

The pictures will be going from west to east and will start at the end of the line.

Looking west towards route 128. This is the end of the S. Reading branch.

Boxcars at Bicknell and Fuller.

I don't know what's up with these pilings in the pond. Nothing on the topos indicating a bridge was ever here. Anyone know anything about this?

This tree has grown right up in the middle of the rails.

Bicknell and Fuller spur in the distance, another spur of unknown use in the foreground. This picture was taken from the right of way of the S. Reading branch.

B&F siding which is currently the end of the line.

Looking west towards the end of the S. Reading branch right of way. The sidings are to the right of this picture.

It is unknown what this spur was for. The B&F siding is to the right of this one. This is the siding that ended with that big tree growing in the middle of it.

Same siding. Buried.

Looking up the grade towards Bicknell and Fuller.

The other siding, half buried. The B&F siding is on the right of this one.

Derail on the B&F siding.

Looing up the grade towards B&F

View showing both sidings. The S. Reading branch heading towards route 128 on the left. The B&F siding on the right.

Switch, no longer used to switch from one siding to the other.

Looking east. The S. Reading branch right of way and to the left, the siding going up to B&F.

Looking west on the branch right of way. The sidings are on the right.

Looking east again.

A short distance to the east we see some more sidings and former sidings.

This siding is coming down grade from another building.

Siding is in good shape.


Walking back down towards the branch.

Quite a difference in grade. The siding is in better shape than the branch.

The siding we were just on is on the right, the branch on the left. There is a former siding going off to the right.

View from the branch looking east. Siding on the left, branch on the right.

Switch on the siding.

Rail missing. Former siding going off on the right.

View turned around looking in the opposite direction.

Former siding we just saw going off to the right.


Siding used to cross here.

Still evidence in the pavement.

Siding crossing.

Same siding

Same siding, long time, no use.

This is where that siding broke off from the other siding.

Back at the entrance to the Centennial industrial park. 1st St crossing.

Picture of the branch and passing siding taken from the 1st St crossing, looking east.

A half mile or so east of our previous location we find this crossing.
I believe this is Corwin St.

Still at Corwin St.  Looking West.

Looking east.

Alexandria St I beleive.


View from Summit St crossing east towards Eastman Gelatin.

West, looking towards Alexandria.

Eastman Gelatin siding. Branch off to the right. Looking east.

Looking west from Allens Ln crossing.



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